Mythic Legions, Cosmic Legions, and more : Exclusive interview of the Four Horsemen

Today we welcome back Cornboy from the Four Horsemen Toy Design who has kindly answered a few questions about Legions, Super7, MOTU among other things.


FulguroPop – With the Cosmic Legions becoming a thing, will the Mythic Legions disappear or will they be put on a hiatus ?

Cornboy – Simply put, no. Mythic Legions isn’t going anywhere. We’re going to create and release both Mythic Legions and Cosmic Legions (and any other potentially upcoming Legions lines) simultaneously, and there will be no disappearing or hiatuses of either of those brands as long as they keep up with the popularity they’re currently experiencing. I think that the upcoming G-Con & LegionsCon will give everyone a little taste of things to come, and the assurance that we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Apart from the obvious Power Lords, what are you main inspiration sources for the Cosmic Legions ?

I think we’ve made it extremely obvious that we’re huge fans of both Power Lords and the original designer of that line of action figures, Wayne Barlowe. He also released a book in 1979 called “Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials” which was almost like a bible to us and it’s always been a huge inspiration to us as far as alien character design. I remember many days laying on the floor of my bedroom just soaking in the visuals of all of those amazing designs. Star wars can also never be denied by any true geek turned designer as a source of inspiration.


Shipping costs are becoming a huge concern when trying to buy Legion toys from Europe. Are you guys planning to find a continental European distributor ?

We absolutely are trying to do that. We do have some individual shops all over the world who are now selling Mythic Legions (and Cosmic Legions in the near future), but we’re currently testing the waters to try to find the right fit for us as far as international distributors go, so hopefully we’ll have something to announce on that front in the very near future.


What part did 4Horsemen take on the Masterverse line by Mattel ?

The only work we did on the Mastersverse line was that we created the Mossman figure for Mattel, but we really love what they’re doing with that line. The designs are really dynamic.

Could you name some of the projects you’ve worked on or you’re working on for Super7 ?

Of course! There are obviously a few lines we can’t currently discuss that will be coming out soon that we worked on with Super7, but the projects I can name that we’ve worked on and/or are currently working on are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silverhawks, Thundercats, Transformers, The Simpsons, Disney, Power Rangers, 2001: A Space Odyssey,  NJPW, Independent Wrestling, Conan (both the movie and comic figures), Ghost, King Diamond, Andre the Giant, The Worst, and as I mentioned previously, a few projects we can’t yet discuss.


elcaballerodelcancer says:

Aaaah, les Quatre Cavaliers!! Je me souviens du temps de leurs premières figurines anthropomorphiques: bovidés, éléphants, rhinos, hippos, oiseaux en tout genre… Je voulais tant les avoir à l’époque mais les problèmes que l’on pouvait rencontrer à la douane lors de l’import de ces fabuleuses figurines me refroidissaient quelque peu. C’est chouette de lire qu’ils tentent de trouver des distributeurs sur notre continent (et ce serait aussi cool qu’ils rééditent leur fabuleuse ménagerie !!). Grâce à tes reviews et tes annonces, je constate qu’ils font toujours du très bon taf !! Merci pour l’article, Blaster !!

Je t’en prie c’est cool de voir qu’ils sont toujours appréciés. J’ai une des figs anthropomorphes que j’avais récupérée un peu à l’arrache il y a quoi ? dix ans ou plus ?

Un vrai coup de coeur.
J’admets être moins concerné par les Cosmic Legions alors je suis bien content que les Mythic continuent !

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