Meet the Four Horsemen, the minds behind Mythic Legions

Today, we welcome Cornboy from the Four Horsemen who has accepted to answer some of our questions regarding a fantastic toyline : the Mythic Legions. If you don’t know about these toys, we suggest you check some of our reviews like the one we wrote for Morgolyth or the Goblin Army Builder.


FulguroPop –  What are your plans regarding the current Mythic Legions line ?

Cornboy  – Well, over the past few years we’ve done multiple waves of Mythic Legions figures, and while a couple of those waves have been 30+ and 40+ figures deep through Kickstarter campaigns, we’re going to steer clear of that over the next year or two and focus on more smaller waves per year, and selling them directly through Also, we’re finally going to be releasing mounts for the Mythic Legions figures. Horses at first, and then other types of creatures as we move forward. One of our characters even rides a bear! The first pre-order for the wave that includes the horses will be in Spring 2019.

We appreciate how you added diversity to the body construction with the Advent of Decay Wave. Would it be possible some day to see Barbarian style figures without armored legs à la He-Man/Conan ? What about Orientals, more characters like of Gryshaa The Slytherer ?

Of course. One of our main goals over the next couple of years is to build our library of useable Mythic Legions parts, and creating more “bare body” parts for some of the different body styles is one of our main goals. We’re also going to be creating more “robed” character types that can be utilized more as druids, wizards, magic users and clerics. I’ll state it here, Gryshaa is not “oriental”, but we’re not saying yet what Gryshaa’s true background is. We’re excited for fans to find out more about Gryshaa’s origin as things progress. We think Mythic Legions fans are going to be blown away.

Do you plan adding more MOTU inspired characters into the Legions ? I’m thinking of BeastMan among others, or maybe giving a purple alter-ego to Cowarros.

We plan to move forward with doing more MotU inspired characters as part of our partnership with the annual Power-Con convention, but we’re not at liberty yet to say which characters we’re doing next. The next two will be characters that Mythic Legions & motU fans have been asking for though.

Adding Trolls and Ogres sure is a great idea as well, but can we expect in the future to see mounts for our warriors ? I’m thinking about horses of course, but also wolves…

As I stated above, we’re currently working on mounts (horses), but we’re planning to include even more types of mounts over the next couple years.

Finally, on another subject, which toylines are you currently working on for other companies ?

As many of your readers probably already know, we’re currently working on DC Universe stuff with Mattel and both “classics” based and “vintage” based Masters of the Universe stuff with Super7. Beyond that, everything that we’re currently doing with other companies are projects that we really can’t discuss just yet. All I can really say is that we’re feeling very nostalgic these days. Hahaha.

So all in all we get some interesting clues about what’s gonna happen both for Mythic Legions (Horses ! more MOTU characters and some mind blowing new information about characters like Gryshaa) and for other toylines (something with a vintage feel perhaps ?). We’ll see in a few monthes and you already know where to check for awesome toy news, both in French and in English : !

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